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US stock market has always been the most popular and beloved market for institutional as well as individual investors globally. The market itself is well developed, efficient, and dynamic. Due to the availability of massive market information as well as instant flow of market news, stock movement at times can be extremely volatile. With this thinking in mind, we developed Q611.com, a website that specialized in searching for Abnormal Movement Stocks (AMS) that are trading in NYSE and NASDAQ. Q611 will instantly display abnormal movement alerts on the website about the emergence of these AMSs so as to provide a “One Step Faster” trading decision to users.

Why Q611.com

Currently, there are lots of financial websites that provide detailed stock market news and fundamental stock information on the internet. However, they do not have a systematic way of tracking the movement of AMS(s), nor they provide detailed information about the AMS's daily trend for users' reference and analysis. Q611 employs different approaches with Timeline / Stock-Price / Trade-Volume cross analysis methodology and provides users with AMS Alerts detailing their progressive stock movement by means of numerical data. Our targeted users are Day Traders, Instant Traders as well as Momentum Traders.

Our Technology

Q611 gathers realtime US market information and applies Big Data analyzing algorithm as well as A.I. technology to pin-point potential stocks that have AMS characteristics. We will then display those AMSs and related Alert Messages on Q611.com website for users' reference and trading decision.

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