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Service Description

Q611.com displays up-to-the-minute Abnormal Movement Stock (AMS) alerts by means of website presentation during normal trading hours. Currently, there are 4 types of webpages that user can lookup within Q611 and their usages and functionalities are as follows:

1) Summary Listing Page

Display the current AMSs with Symbol, Time, AlertCount, Price, Change%, Volume, Turnover, and AlertMessages information, so as to give user a snapshot of the overall current market situation. (Summary Page will auto refresh every minute)

2) Detail Listing Page

Display the movement of the individual AMS by means of Time/Price/Volume cross reference data with Alert Messages, allowing users to have a more clear picture of the moving trends of the AMS.

3) Key Alert Page

Display all AMSs with Key-Alert characteristics (e.g. TwinGreen, DayHigh, HugeRateUp, Up-in-a-Row) for the current trading session.

4) SmartPick Page (with Email Alert option)

Displays AMSs that are being picked by Q611. The selection is based on our smart algorithm's calculation and analysis, then come up with the selection for user's reference. However, users can also look for other AMSs within Q611 Summary Page that have potential. (SmartPick Page will auto refresh every minute)

Email Alert Option

Whenever there is new SmartPick stock emerges, Q611 will send Email Alert instantly to the users who subscribed to this optional service. The regular service is USD$29/month (Current promotion is FREE). Please refer to the following instructions on how to Activate / Suspend Email Alert option:

Activate = Send email to ema@q611.com, put ADD in email's Subject.

Suspend = Send email to ema@q611.com, put DEL in email's Subject.

Legends and Definition

AMS = Abnormal Movement Stock
R = Rate % Change
V = Trading Volume
DH = Day High
UpRow = Up-in-a-Row

TwinGreen = Stock coupled with relatively high trading volume and price increase compared to other stocks trading on the market

KeyAlert = Stock with abnormal movement characteristics such as DayHigh, HugeRateUp and Up-in-a-Row

Before Using Q611

We must disclaim that the AMSs displayed on Q611.com are calculated, analysed and selected by our smart algoritms, and there is NO guarantee that these AMSs will continue their upward trends. However, if users utilize and focus on Q611's webpage information and alerts, they can definitely increase their chances of winning by making strategic trading decisions.

Especially for AWSs with TwinGreen and KeyAlerts, users should pay extra attention to these AMSs since they already contain the three major behaviours for AMSs, i.e. PriceUp, VolumeUp, and Up-in-a-Row. Hence, these stocks have a greater chance of a sharp rise in a short period of time.

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